‘Love’ I think is the most misunderstood and misused word today. With ‘hearts’ freely given on social media and ‘likes’ becoming a validation tool, we somewhere have forgotten or lost the true essence of love. We say ‘love you’ so casually today while texting that the depth of this emotion is eroding.

The other day, I spoke with my workshop participants on what love means to me and how to inculcate unconditional love by simple practices every day. One practice of unconditional love every single day – Smiling at a stranger genuinely, Doing something for someone because you love them and not expecting anything in return and so on. While I was doing that, I asked myself, “What if we cultivate this unconditionality in everything we do in love?”

And with that thought, as I sit down today to tear down the way love was taught to me through movies, books, upbringing and general notion in the society…. I feel layers of false pretentions, clouds of expectations and the pressure to be loved finally waning away.

I sit in my truth right here knowing what ‘unconditional’ love finally feels like. Of loving someone with every ounce of your being and not expecting the minutest emotion or thing in return. Of knowing that I have the courage to feel all the feels of ‘love’. For being so vulnerable and yet not being afraid of not being accepted. And it all feels so sublime. So unrealistically real. And as I unveil the true meaning of love in my life, I now understand – ‘Love is the most powerful and sacred feeling one can ever experience’. ‘I love you’ is the most holy connection one can have!

~ Pradnya Vernekar ©

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