In a world where being busy is worn as a proud crown. Multi tasking is applauded as a super power. I want to bring the power of the ‘pause’ to our lives. Bearing this new torch in my hand. On a mission to help high achieving women, CEOs and Leaders who are disconnected and lost in their busy world. Now want to slow down, connect with their higher self and lead a nourished life at work and home.


Penning some lines here which might touch a cord inside you-













From dawn till night,
She kept running behind her tasks
Feeling accomplished
On days when all tasks were ticked off


She valued her worth
On how much she completed
During her busy day
From the task list


Never questioned herself
Is this task list
Bringing me ‘real’ joy?
Or is it just an illusion?


Then one day
She was playing with her child
Forgetting all the pending tasks
Right now, she was present.


And as her child gave a shriek of laughter out
In that moment, everything paused
That is when she realised
The Wisdom of the Pause


Now she isn’t in the doing-doing-doing mode,
Rather draws in rejuvenating pauses
Helping her be present and mindful
Learning the art of ‘being’ in it’s full glory!


— Pradnya Vernekar ©


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