During our recent trip to Revdanda beach, I experienced something which I have never did before. I connected withe every element of the beach during my solo walks. The sand, the sun, the palm trees, the shells, the waves and the breeze. I could literally feel we are all ‘one’.

And in one such moments of truth, as the waves were lashing on my body I felt the sea humm to me. A song of healing. A melody of togetherness. A rhythm of love. In that glorious moment, a sensation came to me. With every wave touching my body, I felt a burden released. With every new wave splash, I felt a little of me being healed. I continued to feel this healing till a point when all of me felt so light and so cleansed.

I could see what was being released. The past. The past which has been gnawing at me since a few weeks. Slowly it being taken over by the sea for healing. It was all such an intimate affair. Me and the sea. The sea healed me, nourished me and rejuvenated me.

I asked the sea to give me a gift from it’s treasure trove as a memory of this initimate affair. To take with me a part of it which will remind me of the sea and this cherished moment of togetherness. There came a shell rolling by with the waters. I checked inside if it is a ‘live’ one and of course it wasn’t. Wouldn’t have been able to take it with me then. And yet it was live with the sea sound when I heard it’s insides. An expression of the sea which will stay with me forever now.

After this what felt like a beautiful ceremony, I pulled up a card. I always carry a deck or two when I travel. The energies at every place are so different and I like to harness them in my readings. This beautiful card came up. Can you see what the message says? Do you see ‘waves’ in it? It felt like a moment of absolute truth and clarity. As if the sea was saying, “You are my beloved gifted child. I am sending waves of inspiration and new ideas to you because you can bring them in reality. Own your gifts and be in that power. Stay grounded with me in the sands, anchoring and then fly high. Rise and shine with grace“.

I promised the sea, I will!

With that, I remembered this quote and now I knew how it feels to set your soul free with the sea!

“Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.”

– Christy Ann Martine

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