6 Ways to Lead a Rich Life Irrespective of How Much Money You Possess

rich life

Are you leading a rich life, Pradnya?   My mentor posed this question to me the other day. I was startled with this question. When I started thinking, my stomach started churning. Of course, it was a sign that I am not leading a rich life. The uneasiness in my gut was so loud and […]

Lessons I learnt from my first pottery experience


Had the pleasure of trying my hands on pottery during our lovely stay at Avanti Kalagram last month. As I was transforming a ball of clay into a vase, I realised a few similarities of pottery with our everyday life! Pottery needs a lot of focus. One glance somewhere else and it is a disaster. […]

I love you – Understanding the depths of true love

true love

‘Love’ I think is the most misunderstood and misused word today. With ‘hearts’ freely given on social media and ‘likes’ becoming a validation tool, we somewhere have forgotten or lost the true essence of love. We say ‘love you’ so casually today while texting that the depth of this emotion is eroding. The other day, […]

Is the grass really greener on the other side?


I beheld her power at the workplace,And gazed at that authoritarian charm on her face.I saw her snapping orders at her juniors,Walking haughtily around, with no trace of fear. Every time I saw the efficacious her,From a twinge of jealousy I used to suffer.Her aura of success wounded me,I kept on thinking, like her can […]