Had the pleasure of trying my hands on pottery during our lovely stay at Avanti Kalagram last month. As I was transforming a ball of clay into a vase, I realised a few similarities of pottery with our everyday life!

🏺Pottery needs a lot of focus. One glance somewhere else and it is a disaster. So the key was to drown the noise and pay full attention on the hands. In life too, there will be noise and chaos around. But what will matter is how focused you are when it comes to your goal.

🏺 The way our hands move shapes the pot. A lot of times in life we forget this. We might blame the wheel or the clay for the wronged pot but in reality we know it was ‘us’. So own up your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions.

🏺You need to get your hands dirty in order to create that pot. No matter what is your dream, you will never be able to outsource it to someone. The soul will be you and you will have to get your hands dirty. Creation is not always the fluff and glamour, it is actually the hard work and the sweat you put into it. Yes the inspiration will be there, however you will need to take action on that inspiration.

🏺 And lastly love what you created. Even if it is with flaws, love the journey behind it. Learn from the journey. Every creation is unique and you cannot compare it with someone else’s creation. Or rather I will say we shouldn’t compare and spoil the fun.

On that note, I highly recommend getting your hands dirty on the pottery wheel atleast once in life. The experience will definitely help you grow! And you don’t have to be an expert. Just let your hands guide you 🙂

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