Pradnya Vernekar

You need to have a headset, pen and journal, water and an open mind to start your first coaching call with me.

A BIG yes! Book a coaching session with me and let’s explore that void together. I will assist you with some deep questions, ruminations and thought for you to seek what you have not been able to see yourself till now.

Get on a complimentary 30 minutes call with me and let me assess what you need. I will further help you with the best coaching session package knowing what you are looking for.

Absolutely! Here is a video with very simple meditation techniques which will help you get started with your journey.



I channel your guardian angels and the archangels to bring their guidance to you. I use oracle card decks to further supplement the angel’s messages and give you a holistic guidance for your question. My readings are detailed and you receive them via email.

Yes, by all means. Irrespective of where we are born or which culture we have been brought up, all of us have angels assigned to us. Connecting with our angels is our birthright. Period. I can help you connect with your angels with my workshops – Connect With Your Angels (add link to the angels tab) and Angel Card Reading with Pradnya.

You are basically being sent messages from the angels. Each sequence has a different message. You can check the message of the sequence here –

Yes. I am a firm believer in the magic of manifestation. Start reading the book and inculcating all the rituals as if you are pregnant and see the magic happen! I want you to know that the most important step in manifestation is surrendering.

Join the community here . Get in touch with a moderator then who will assist you with your needs.

Thank you for thinking of me for the opportunity. Please fill up the contact us form here and I will get in touch with you to discuss further.