Pradnya Vernekar

Together we can!


In today’s world where we are mostly confined to nuclear families and lesser interaction, community is what will keep us bonded as human beings. I am a firm believer that when all of us unite for a good cause, nothing can be impossible. When we join hands with a common good motive, we can move the mountains. That is the strength of a community. The values on which a community is build plays a crucial role. I strive hard to work on those values and build healthy communities for the good of us all.

Awaken Your Life Purpose

This tribe is created to give hope and infuse magic of coming home to your life purpose. Waking up every morning with fire in the belly and gratitude in your heart making each work day a celebration. Experiencing a life with a purpose driven career. Transforming from what-is-the-point-of-it-all to living your life purpose with love, joy and passion.

The Shakti Awakening

Shakti’ or “power, ability, strength, might, effort, energy, capability” is the divine energy which flows through the entire Universe. The Shakti Awakening is about nourishing that inner Shakti inside all of us. It is a community of Global Indian women who works towards uplifting each other, sharing their knowledge and making live long connections. 

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