As we are stepping into the new year,  I just wanted to come up here and provide some guidance. I will also be sharing a simple yet extremely powerful tip with all of you. So stay with me till the end 🙂


Collective Guidance Theme for 2022

2022 prediction


I was called to pull cards from two decks today for the collective guidance. One from ‘Messages from your Angels’ and other from ‘Moonology‘ deck. And here is what came up –



When Akasha card comes up, it is about owning your spiritual gifts. 2022 is a year of light workers. Many new light workers will be awakened and the older ones will rise to higher planes. If you have been doing work on yourself – breaking karmic patterns, acknowledging and working on your shadow side, growing from where you are right now….2022 will amplify this energy for you. Tune into your inner voice and more importantly trust it. 2022 is about finding out what lights you up and doing that often. 9 to 5 job is fine, however if you aren’t happy with it then you need to realign your purpose. If you aren’t excited about waking up in the morning and starting yet another wonderful day of your life, something needs to be changed. Akasha card reminds you to bring that change. Stand in your true power and claim all your gifts.

Journaling questions for you –

  1. How can I make my life fuller?
  2. What are my gifts and how can I explore them further?
  3.  How can I make decisions leaning into my intuition?


Disseminating Moon

If the pandemic hasn’t taught you to slow down, 2022 will definitely do that. The world dynamics are changing. Doing-doing-doing isn’t working anymore. It is crucial to have time to breathe out too. Tranquility is the word which is coming up. How can you maintain your calm irrespective of what is happening in the external? There are going to be upheavals. The world will be theirs who go beyond these upheavals and not be attached to it.

If you really want to do exceptional in 2022, then you need to work on how to include pauses in your every day. Power naps are real by the way. And they work exactly because of the pause they bring in your nervous system. So sit and think about what can be a power nap for you?


Journaling questions for you

  1. What is my tranquil state? How does it look  and feel like?
  2. How can I be in thetranquil state atleast for 5 minutes each day?
  3. How can I bring pauses in my everyday?
  4. How do pauses enrich my life?


I hope this collective guidance helps you to navigate your 2022.


And now let’s talk about the powerful tip to begin your 2022. My soul sister Snehal Singh mentioned a powerful statement when she had come as a guest speaker inside my container The Alpha Leader. She said,


“The quality of your life depends on the questions you ask the Universe!”


Now read that again. Let me explain further. If you keep on asking the question, “Why is this happening with me?” The Universe is going to keep giving you answers to that question. However if you change the way you look at things and ask different questions, results and signs change. Ask instead, “How can I come out of this situation?” There, now you will get answers and solutions instead of being in a cribbing victim energy.


I hope you use this wisdom wisely. Start implementing and you will be surprised to see how the Universe listens and delivers.


I wish 2022 brings all that is required for you to grow in every aspect of your life 🙂

Happy New Year!




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