You enter a room full of fellow mommies. Everyone is talking about their kids in such intimate way. And you just don’t know how they do it or feel that connection with the kids.
You feel amidst gatherings of mothers inspite of being a mother.
Let’s flip that scene.
You are at a work party. And here you are the centre of everyone’s attention. You connect with the energy and everyone is so proud of your work achievements.
You are a here and you feel you belong here.
And yet when you sleep at night, you feel that pang of guilt for being so distant with your kids. For the feeling of knowing that you do not belong here.
Deep inside .
But don’t know how to do that. So you immerse yourself in more work and hide under the window of ‘busyness’.
And if you really want to make this happen, I am right here to hold a sacred space for you.
A space where,
And know that, you can have it ALL!
Are you ready to have it all?
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