It is May. Also my birthday month. Around this time, I choose a theme for myself for the year ahead. And this time round, it was round and clear.




Have you ever or always have a feeling that you are meant to do bigger things in life? That constant nagging inside you which keeps you up at night. Asking yourself, “What am I doing with this precious life?” Or “What I am doing in my life when I am meant to do such big things instead?” You miss a life of purpose. A passionate purpose. One that lights up your entire body. Send a wave through and through.


You always have this knowing and yet don’t know what is this passionate purpose. Or you have an inkling to your purpose, however you are filled with fear and doubts on whether to follow it or not. You might also feel that your purpose is so bigger than you and it may intimidate you.


Have you been someone who always been different in the family, school or any group? The balck sheep. And you have moulded yourself to fit in. Are you feeling suffocated by hiding who you are really?

Are you done playing small and are ready to step into your passionate purpose and expand?

How will your life look if you:

  1. Come to know your passionate purpose (for those who don’t know it)?
  2. Embrace your passionate purpose whole heartedly?
  3. Awaken your soul gifts and stand in your true power of the divine magnificent being that you are?
  4. Accept your ‘differentness’ and make it your super power rather than a weakness?
  5. Let go of the false blocks, boundaries and excuses you have set for yourself and instead navigate through it?
  6. Expand your entire being in the true joy of being you and let that expansion then seep into your work and your relationships?


How would your life look then?



If you are ready to take the efforts to take this leap, I am offering free Expansion Readings to first 30 men and women who claim it! This reading will provide you the guidance on where are your blocks to expansion and how you can remove it. Drop an email at to claim your free reading.


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Hope to see you on the other side – Expansion Portal!

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  1. So good to know you are providing free expansion reading.looking farward for my reading by you .thanks in advance

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