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“Connecting with our angels is our birthright. Period.”

Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

I am one of the established angel card readers in Pune. I am a Certified Angel Intuitive™ and Certified Angel Card Reader™ from the esteemed Hay House University.

Each one of us has guardian angels irrespective of where and how we are brought up. I connect with your angels, pull oracle cards for you to deliver their loving messages to you. Your questions can be related to career, relationship, health or any life issue you want help with. You receive detailed readings in your email filled with love and hope.

Here are some frequent questions asked to me which will help you understand more about angels and how a reading works – 

No, I don’t. I provide better and detailed readings when I do them in my own space and time. I like to have my own energy space for doing readings and hence I email the readings.

Yes, by all means. Go to my FB page and check my #OracleTuesday post I do every Tuesday. You can get an idea on how a reading really looks and feels like.

My readings are priced per question. Drop me an email to know more.

You receive your reading in a week’s time post payment.

  • I do not do readings on behalf of someone. I need permission from the person whose reading I am doing and hence if it is an adult, I request the concerned person to contact me directly.
  • I do not do gender reveal readings of the fetus.
  • I do not do readings which I deem are morally wrong. I reserve the right to decline a reading request.

All I need is your question and your name. That’s it. Nothing else is required.

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Reasons to try Angel Card Reading

Our angels are waiting to help us and guide us. They are especially here to be with us in our life journeys and guide us on the path we choose in this lifetime. But they can only help if you ask for their help.

Divine Guidance

Take the help of your angels to throw some light on any issue you are facing currently.

Completely Safe

Angels are from higher realm and hence they only shower higher light energies on us. One may not be afraid of angels in any form.

Hope and Love

The angels will ensure that the messages that they communicate to you will always be filled with Hope and Love.

Magic Support

Life sometimes throws some difficult times our way. Please know that you can use your angels’ magic support to get through difficult times.

Instant Clarity

Your angels will provide you instant clarity for you to take the next step ahead.

Detailed Reading

The readings are detailed and sent via email so you have them for your records. You can revisit the readings as many times as you feel like!

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Yes, I am excited to know what my angels have to say!