Are you leading a rich life, Pradnya?


My mentor posed this question to me the other day. I was startled with this question. When I started thinking, my stomach started churning. Of course, it was a sign that I am not leading a rich life. The uneasiness in my gut was so loud and clear.


The question got me thinking. I first had to define what rich means to me. After sitting for almost 20 minutes, the image of a rose plant kept flashing in front of me. A rose plant which is been watered, given sunlight, fed with manure, having porous enriched soil and a lot of people talking with it with so much love. That’s it, that is what being rich meant. Going beyond the basic needs of food, shelter and a roof. Of enriching life with what lights me up.


And then I realised what is happening in my current life as compared to my definition of a rich life. From the knowingness of doing, doing and doing and achieving the next milestone somewhere down the line I had forgotten to enjoy the journey and rather focused on reaching the destination as soon as possible. I am a Manifesting Generator in Human Design, that means one of my assets is having the smartest and shortest ways to reach my destination. And thus I focused on reaching my goals. However in doing so, I was forgetting my fuel as a Manifesting Generator – pleasure. Filling myself up with what brings utter pleasure to me and my sacral authority (gut authority).


The question posed by my mentor was kind of eye opening. Of course that is why you work with a great mentor who nudges you to see the unseen. I further sat and wrote down what enriches my life and how to ensure adding those elements to my day to day!

Sharing 5 ways which mean the epitome of richness to me –

  1. Self Love: I realised the amount of love and care I pour into my loved ones is so much more than what I do for myself. I asked myself, “What if I talk with myself the way I speak with my 3 year old son?” With so much love, patience and so much grace. How would my world change if I make my self talk more loving, giving myself grace on mistakes and being patient with me when things get tough? It was so obvious, the magnitude of richness I will call into my life then.I also sat and made a list of self love rituals to help me feel loved and nourished.
  2. Being Present: The more I multi task and try to be perfect everywhere, I realise I am killing the joy and fun of the whole process. Instead I choose to be present now. Cooking bhindi, right here cooking. Playing with my son, right here playing. Having a conversation with hubby, right here listening with mobile to the side. Right here, right now. Isn’t easy always, however worth attempting.
  3. Knowledge and Wisdom: Learning is the only constant. The more I learn, I feel enriched. And with the outburst of the internet era, you have so many free avenues to do so. One of my go to spaces these days is podcasts. I love Brene Brown, Rebecca Campbell, The Good Life Project, to name a few.I have invested in a mentor and the kind of expansion I experience is phenomenal. Also a live course which is helping me with going to the next level in my business.
  4. Travel: Exploring new places, cultures and the wilderness is something which really makes me feel rich. And you don’t have to always take flights, go abroad or visit exotic places to feel the abundance. There are so many places in and around my city Pune itself. Forts, small towns, parks, dams, waterfalls, hill stations etc. Even sitting in a park and doing a small picnic feels so great. Every place has a story and we add up to its story with our memories there. So definitely more travel for sure.
  5. Nature: There is nothing in this world which calms me down as much as sitting under a tree and breathing. Nature is one of the richest elements for me and I like to soak into it’s richness. One of the ventures I want to engage in now is balcony gardening. We have started small with 6 pots and slowly I want to make it a sanctuary of my own 🙂
  6. Creativity: A person who creates can never be poor. You have this infinite abundance inside you and why are you looking at external richness then? When we create we prosper and feel rich. I don’t have to create a masterpiece to feel rich. the richness is in the idea, the flow and how I get lost while bringing that idea into the physical world. When I let go of the popular definition of creativity and artist and rather lean in my space of artistry I am the richest.

These were some ways which I enlisted for myself to make my life richer.


I want to pose this question to you today –

“Are you leading a rich life my dear friend?”


If not, sit and think how can you enrich your life from today?





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  1. I deeply resonate with your thoughts Pradnya. The practical ways and tips you have shared can truly lead to a rich life. Going to start putting this into practice right away.

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